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Located in: Ontario, Canada
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About university

Brock University is a public, research university located in St. Catharines, Ontario. As a comprehensive university, Brock has an expansive selection of undergraduate programs as well as advanced research, post-graduate and doctoral options.
Brock University is one of Canada’s top post-secondary institutions. Located in historic Niagara region, Brock offers all the benefits of a young and modern university in a safe, community-minded city with beautiful natural surroundings.

Top reasons to study at Brock University

A comprehensive university with strong academic programming and cutting-edge research done in world-class facilities
Top 5-among ALL Ontario universities for prestigious 3M Teaching Excellence Awards
More than $240-million invested on learning and student space in the past decade

Brock University fosters excellence in teaching and learning through pedagogical innovation, curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities, and a commitment to student well-being and success.

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Research and projects

Brock research has a heart for community and a head for innovation. Our passion drives us to discover, disseminate, and apply new knowledge. Improving quality of life through leading-edge research and scholarship is what we’re all about. We are heavily invested in the economic, social and cultural health of our community and beyond. Scores of partnerships between the community and all faculties within the University make research a two-way process: we learn from one another as we discover and innovate together.

From campus to career path

Brock provides you with an outstanding education as well as the experience you need to back it up. 90% of Brock undergraduate students are employed six months after graduating. Brock has one of the largest co-op programs in Canada, featuring an average wage between $18-23 and 12-20 months of paid work experience. Brock also has a range of experiential and creative learning opportunities that will prepare you to be a leader in your community and in your career.

Fee Structure

Tuition is assessed per term at differentiated rates between:

First and continuing year of study
Programs of study and degree route
International (visa) students
International Special Programs (ISP)

Tuition fees

Graduate student tuition and fees may be assessed through your financial account and will include but may not necessarily be limited to the following basic categories.

Tuition Fee
Bachelor 8000 to 32000
Master 23450 to 52460

Living expenses

The following expenses reflect the average estimate of costs per year for a single person living in St. Catharines (typically 3 terms per academic year). The Niagara Region has one of the lowest costs of living in Ontario.

Rent 5000-6000 per year
Groceries 4000-6000 per year
Learning aid 750-1000 per year
Transport 1000-2000 books/clothing

Brock has always been a place for well-rounded people to nurture both sides of their brain. Yes, both sides. Not just the academic side of your brain that you take to your classes, but the other side too. The side of the brain that drives your diverse passions outside of the classroom. At Brock, we’re encouraged to become well-rounded individuals. So go on, get involved. Develop outside of the classroom and make your Brock experience a great one!


The residence system at Brock has been recognized as being one of the best in Canada. Your “home away from home”, residence at Brock will provide you with the opportunity to live in outstanding modern facilities, meet new friends, and become a vital part of the Brock community. Living in residence is an experience like no other, and will provide you with memories that last a lifetime.


Traditional style residences have single and double occupancy rooms. Students will purchase a meal plan.

Semi-suite style residences have single and double occupancy rooms. Students will purchase a meal plan.

Townhouse style residences offer the convenience of living on-campus with a more independent lifestyle. Students have the option of cooking their own meals, or purchasing an optional meal plan.

Brock University’s Off-Campus Living office offers year-round housing information to students, landlords, and residents in the Niagara region. The office provides resources regarding a variety of off-campus housing topics, such as finding accommodations, landlord/tenant issues, neighbourhood relations, community outreach, and much more.

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