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Located in: Perth WA, Australia
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Sterling Business College Pty Ltd is a medium-sized college located in the heart of Perth, the lively multicultural capital city of Australia’s largest state, Western Australia. Perth is famous for its magnificent white sand beaches and easy going outdoor lifestyle. It is the perfect place to combine study and leisure. College is a Registered Training Organisation [RTO: 2417] providing nationally recognised training and assessment. Those who receive training from Sterling Business College can be confident the skills and knowledge they attain are of a high quality and will be accepted and valued nationwide. Sterling Business College has provided quality training for over 20 years.

Top reasons to study at Sterling Business College

College has a wonderful mix of Australian and International students, providing an exciting exchange of ideas and friendship.
Classes are held over 3 days, so students have some time out for extra study, work experience, or a casual job.
Sterling Business College complies with the VET Quality Framework. This assures nationally consistent, high quality training and assessment services throughout the vocational education and training (VET) system within Australia.

The College offers programmes in the fields of Travel&Tourism, Graphic Design, Business&Management, Marketing, Office Administration, Childcare, Teacher Assistant and Community Services. Sterling has a close link with two respected and accredited English colleges, namely, the Milner International College of English and Perth International College of English.

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Modes of study

Sterling Business College is a vocational training college and all assessments are competency-based and designed to reflect workplace practice. College offers full-time study, part-time study, external study and some online study. For international students on a student visa, it is offered the full-time study with limited online/external study options (up to 25%) in some courses.

Fee Structure

Tuition fees

Tuition fees differ depending on the term of studies and study programme chosen by the student. Payment is not required until one week before the start of the term. Students may pay all eligible tuition fees through the installment payment plan. The fee does not include or cover living expenses, which will vary according to individual circumstances and lifestyle.

Tuition Fee
Bachelor 0 to 0
Master 0 to 0

Living expenses

Australia has a standard of living that is amongst the highest in the world. Students require around $20,290 per year to cover the cost of living expenses. The largest expense is a monthly rent. International students are also able to work part-time while they study, allowing them to offset their living costs.

Rent AU $90 to $440 per week
Groceries AU $80 to AU $280 per week
Learning aid AU $20 to AU $55 per week
Transport AU $95 to AU $210 per week


The college is ideally located in a vibrant part of the beautiful city of Perth, close to public transport, inner-city accommodation, cafes and shopping centres. Students have the flexibility of choosing the most suitable from several accommodation options available to them. Share accommodation is a popular option for students as it can sometimes offer more flexibility and less responsibility than renting. Renting a property to live alone or share with other flatmates (perhaps other students). Homestays provide an affordable and attractive accommodation option – especially for those searching for short- to medium-term student accommodation. Also, the Gold Coast has many hostels and hotels that offer cheap, short-term accommodation.

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