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Located in: Klaipėda, Lithuania
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Klaipėda University was established in a specific coastal area of ​​Lithuania from economic, cultural and geopolitical point of view, in the only port city where from Lithuania opens wide prospects for maintaining relations with the Baltic Sea countries and other parts of the world.

Top reasons to study at Klaipėda University

Klaipėda University cooperates with numerous partners both in Lithuania and abroad. The University has concluded bilateral and Erasmus cooperation agreements with institutions in different countries, and it is a member of different international organisations and networks.
The University annually carries over 60 international and national research projects, has the scientific and academic partners in Europe and elsewhere in the world, and is also involved in a dozen international funds, programs and networks.
There are 120 three-cycle study programs providing the student with research-based modern knowledge and technological based on higher university education level and higher education qualification, develops fully educated, responsible, creative and entrepreneurial personality.

Klaipėda University – is a multidisciplinary national and Baltic Sea Region research and studies leader, promoter of cultural heritage, and lifelong learning centre integrated in international academic networks.

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Research and projects

The main theme of scientific activity at Klaipėda University is “Interdisciplinary research for sustainable management of marine and coastal environment”. Since its foundation in 1998, KUCORPI (The Coastal Research and Planning Institute at Klaipėda University) has been involved in more than 40 EU funded research and R&D projects. Presently, the institute employs 60 researchers, technical personnel and PhD students working in the fields of biological invasion study, ecological informatics and modeling, plankton ecology and trophodynamics, geology, geomorphology and biogeochemisty, benthic habitat ecology, marine spatial planning, environmental impact assessment. KUCORPI conducts PhD studies in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. KUCORPI has been involved in numerous research and consulting projects financed by the EU and other funds (FP, LIFE, INTAS, INTERREG, BONUS, IEE, Norway Grants). Also acted as the lead partner for two the Interreg III A/TACIS projects closely related to marine spatial planning issues (“Sustainable Development Indicators for ICZM in the South-Eastern Baltic” and “Perspectives of Offshore Wind Energy development in marine areas of Lithuania, Poland and Russia”). Scientists are involved in teaching and supervising student works at various departments of Klaipėda University, engaging students to join marine and coastal research programs. The institute is involved in the EU Erasmus programs at MSc (EMBC) and PhD (MARES) levels.

The University research findings are presented in 12 peer-reviewed periodicals published at Klaipėda University which are referenced in international databases. The journals published at Klaipėda University mainly belong to the areas of the humanities and social sciences (11 out of 12).

Today University has five faculties: the Humanities, Marine and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences; it also has a study institute (Continuing Studies Institute) and a research institute (Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology), and Academy of Arts

Fee Structure

Tuition fees

Tuition fees differ depending on level of studies and study programme chosen by the student. On average, the cost of studies at higher education is approximately between 1800 EUR– 2700 EUR per year for Bachelor studies, from 2100 EUR to 3480 EUR per year – for Master studies and from 8188 EUR per year - for doctoral studies. This fee structure applies to you if you are a Lithuanian or EU citizen.

Tuition Fee
Bachelor 1800 EUR to 2700 EUR
Master 2100 EUR to 3480 EUR

Living expenses

Lithuania is an affordable country. As a student in Lithuania, you get many discounts at teaching centres, public transport, few restaurants and eatery joints, theatres, etc.

The cost of living varies depending upon the lifestyle, habits, facilities and location. On an average, a student can expect to pay between 400 EUR and 700 EUR. Public transportation is cheap in Lithuania. A monthly ticket for public transportation is about 15 EUR.

Rent 120 EUR-300 EUR
Groceries 200 EUR
Learning aid 10-15 EUR
Transport 100 EUR


A person, who has a status of the student of Klaipėda University, can be accommodated at the dormitory. All information about dormitories and their infrastructure is available in www.ku.lt website.


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