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Located in: Vilnius, Lithuania
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About university

For many years Vilnius Business College has truly been pursuing high standards of education and has initiated a vast range of study programmes in a will to respond to changing market demands. It is dedicated to develop and enhance practical skills of students, to organize extended studies, to promote the ideas of life-long learning, to make an e ort to build an attractive learning environment. Vilnius Business College scores in the top ranges when it comes to the employability of its graduates, who actively demonstrate their competitive advantages in the labor market. Guided by the European standards of studies and driving forces towards innovation, College continually attempts to deliver high quality, relevant conditions for teachers’ professional development, social integration of students, to strengthen partnership relations and foster project and applied research activities. This school offers programmes in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages.

Top reasons to study at Vilnius Business College

Vilnius Business College for the past few years ranks No. 1 among Lithuanian non-state colleges, receiving highest points in one of the most important criteria of the rankings "added value of alumni and assessment of employers".
Vilnius Business College has professional teachers from Lithuania and abroad, many of which are practitioners. All lecturers do not have lower than Master‘s degree, some of them are doctors in different fields and have pedagogical or professor ranks.
Also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, sports facilities and/or activities, study abroad and exchange programs, as well as administrative services.

Vilnius Business College is the leading college in Lithuania by the employability of its graduates. Our college graduates are viable in both, national and regional labour market. Almost 90% of the graduate students successfully find a job or start and develop their own business. Part of the graduates continue their studies in Lithuania or in foreign universities and colleges.

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Research and projects

Vilnius Business College started its international activity in 1994 and since then has been actively involved in the European LLP projects under Erasmus, Socrates, Nord Plus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, E-learning, as well as international science and research activities. The College has developed an extensive network of foreign partners to promote the college in the international educational context and support students mobility.

Foreign language studies

Professional teaching staff with an extensive experience ensures the excellence of studies and students experience. Vilnius Business College has enhanced English teaching level and optionally offers to study other foreign languages, such as German, Russian, Spanish, French, Swedish or even Chinese.

Fee Structure

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Europe are generally very low compared to other continents. Tuition cost differs depending on the term of studies and study programme chosen by the student. The fee does not include or cover living expenses, which will vary according to individual circumstances and lifestyle. Tuition costs are different for EU and non-EU students.

Tuition Fee
Bachelor 2000 EUR to 2900 EUR
Master - to -

Living expenses

Lithuania is an affordable country. The cost of living varies depending upon the lifestyle, habits, facilities and location. As a student in Lithuania, you get many discounts at teaching centres, public transport, few restaurants and eatery joints, theatres, etc. On an average, a student can expect to pay between 400 EUR and 700 EUR. Public transportation is cheap in Lithuania. A monthly ticket for public transportation is about 15 EUR.

Rent 120 EUR-300 EUR
Groceries 200 EUR
Learning aid 10 EUR-15 EUR
Transport 100 EUR


Vilnius Business College does not have its own dormitory for students, but has a partnership with other colleges and universities, hostel and private persons in Vilnius and help the international students to find either dormitory or private rent rooms. Preliminary cost for accommodation starts from 120 Eur per month.

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