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The application form is the main document within the application process. Each applicant should have only one application form, which they can use to apply to up to eight different degree programmes.

To access your application form, you need to create a profile at Please use a regularly monitored email address as all relevant information will be sent to this address.


How to start?

The first thing you need to do after registration is to choose your study programmes and include them in your profile. In the application form you will have a button "Add a new priority". This will direct you to the study programme search engine so you can find the desired programmes. When you find a study programme of interest, click "Add to profile". The study programme will appear in your profile. The selected programmes can be arranged in order of preference by dragging them up or down the list.


How to fill in your application


When you have selected your eight study programmes, you need to fill in the application itself. This has eight parts:

Personal information


Foreign languages

Other experience

Motivation letter


Other information


For how to fill in the application form, please watch the video.

(video instruction)


The application form is simple and straightforward. To make the process easier, each entry box has an accompanying explanation of what is required for that answer. To access this, just move the cursor over the “i” symbol.


The application form also requires you to upload additional documents. A list of documents you might be required to supply can be found here [link]. Information on how to write a personal statement can be found here [link].


When you have filled in the whole application form, click on "Submit". If the form cannot be sent, it means that you have forgotten to fill in one of the required fields. In this case, review the form and fill in all the gaps.



After you have submitted the application



Once you have submitted your application, the DESK team will review it in detail and check that you haven’t missed anything. Only if everything is filled in correctly will your application be sent on to your chosen universities. If the application form contains mistakes or omissions, we will contact you so that you have the opportunity to correct them before we send it on.


Once the universities have received your application, DESK will regularly update you on the status of your application.


DESK is responsible for collecting admission information from universities and informing students online about admission decisions. 

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