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DESK International officially represents the universities and we hold the signed cooperation agreements with all the institutions we represent. This makes the application process much simpler and easier for you:

  • By filling in just one DESK application form, you can choose from a range of study programmes in any country.
  • DESK International will check your application and coordinate the entire process, ensuring you don’t make any errors or miss any deadlines.

The application process has three simple steps:


Step 1 : Choose your University and Course

Use our smart search technology and interactive tools to find the country, university and course you like.

If you can’t decide which course to choose, we have developed tips [add link] to help.

The DESK team is also available to help you choose the best programme for you.



Step 2 : Complete online application 

Once you have shortlisted the universities you want to study in and specific study programmes, you can start filling in the application form.

To access your application form, you need to create a profile at www.com. Please use a regularly monitored email address as all relevant information will be sent to this address.

Complete the DESK online application form, write a motivation letter, get a recommendation from your school or university and upload all the necessary documents.

Ensure these are all submitted before the deadline.

If you need any help with the application process, just get in touch with the DESK team.



Step 3 : If an application fee is charged directly by the university, pay this.



Step 4 : Track your application

Once you have been accepted, the university concerned will send you the confirmation you need to apply for a student visa.


And then you can start packing your bags!


What’s next?


Sometime between May and July, you will get confirmation that you have been accepted onto your chosen course. You will have time to celebrate for a few days before starting to get ready for the biggest adventure of your life – studying abroad!


Got questions?