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We know that applying to study abroad can seem a very confusing and complicated process. That’s why we offer support and guidance on everything from your choice of course to the accommodation and airport pick-up service once you arrive in your chosen country. We make sure that everything is simple and easy.

We provide free consultations on:

  • The education systems in the UK, USA, Canada, Lithuania, Germany and Italy;
  • DESK-represented universities;
  • The application process;
  • How to search for accommodation before departure;
  • Job opportunities while studying abroad.


  1. Help you to choose the most suitable university and study programme abroad;
  2. Organise the whole application process – from the completion of the application form to its submission – to maximise your chances of success;
  3. Prepare you for your studies abroad so that your transition is smooth and safe.


Helping you choose your university

Every member of our team at DESK has personal experience of studying abroad. Our familiarity with educational systems across a range of countries has enabled us to create the DESK Student Mapping methodology, which we use to compile an individual profile identifying your (and where appropriate, your parents’) needs and goals. We can then help you find the university and study programme that best match your achievements, expectations and vision for the future.

Individual student profile

  • Educational aims
  • Learning results
  • Career goals
  • Financial considerations
  • Professional experience
  • Hobbies, interests, activities

Choosing a university

We will help you decide

which university to apply to and

support you through every step

of the application process.

University profile

  • Range of study programmes available
  • Academic requirements
  • Location (country, city)
  • Prestige and reputation
  • Study fees
  • Financial support on offer
  • Career prospects
  • Safety
  • Student community

Application form preparation and submission

DESK allows you to fill in just ONE simple electronic form, irrespective of how many countries and universities you are applying to.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide giving you all the information you need to complete the application form, and our consultants are available to answer any additional questions.

Every application is thoroughly checked and reviewed before being submitted, so you can be sure that your application is not marred by mistakes or omissions.


Remember, your messages, calls and letters are always welcome, or come and visit us for a chat!


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