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  • DESK is an official representative of the universities abroad. It provides a one-stop online portal for students applying to universities around the world.
  • DESK offers a paperless application procedure which allows students to apply for up to eight degree programmes in just one application.
  • DESK allows you to track your application online, making it the most transparent and time-efficient way of applying to study abroad.
  • On DESK, you can apply for as many study programmes for bachelor or master degrees as you like.
  • Applying through DESK is quick and simple. You can complete an application in just six steps, and the whole process should take no more than 20 minutes.


Top class service

  • Applicants are kept informed via email throughout the application process.
  • The DESK consulting team is in constant communication with the university’s admissions office.
  • The DESK consulting team will inform you if documents are missing or require further clarification. We achieve a higher success rate than personal applicants.
  • We are friendly and supportive.
  • We answer all instant chat messages within 60 seconds.
  • We respond to emails within a few hours.


DESK facts

  • DESK is global. Students from more than 80 countries have visited the DESK portal.
  • Students from every continent have used the DESK online application service.
  • A new student registers with DESK every 48 minutes.
  • 98.7% of our clients are happy with DESK’s service and would recommend us to their friends.
  • Students don’t have to worry about anything – DESK will administrate the whole application and enrolment process.
  • Students can apply for up to eight study programmes in 9 countries. 


Why us?

Comparison of application methods


DESK International

In person

Via an agency

Finding a university and study programme

1. Extensive database of universities and study programmes (synthesised from multiple sources)

2. Free consultation and DESK Mapping support to help you choose the most suitable university for your individual profile

1. Information can be compiled from a range of sources

2. It can be hard to get a full/objective picture 



Agents may favour universities with whom they have a contract, not necessarily the best ones for you

Application procedure (entry requirements, application deadlines,

documentation, submission)

1. One application form for all universities and study programmes

2. Application process is fully in your hands, including the tracking of your application

3. Fully integrated support as you move through the application process

4. Application form fully reviewed before submission


1.Time-consuming as application forms must be completed for each university

2. No professional assistance with the application form to make sure you fulfil university requirements and do not omit anything important on your form or in the accompanying documentation

3. Danger of missing submission deadline

1. Lack of transparency when the agent is in charge of the whole application process and holds all information on behalf of the student

2. Consultants charge high fees


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