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9 Pros and Cons of studying abroad

9 Pros and Cons of studying abroad

Is it really worth to choose studies in foreign country? Check out our list to find it out.

January intake is just around the corner and some students are already packing their luggage for a long trip because they got a place at universities abroad. For sure it will be an amazing experience, but it is natural that at the beginning the young person may be uncertain about their life far from home.

To make things clear about it, we interviewed some international students and asked them to point the biggest pros and cons of moving abroad for studying. This is our conclusion:


New language skills

Probably there is no better way to learn a new language than to stay in a country where this language is spoken. Being surrounded by native speakers means that your brain getting used to the language in various situations of daily life. Moreover, you hear all the time the right pronunciation and become familiar with the culture. These entire things you can get while studying abroad.


Learning about new cultures means opening your personality and getting more knowledge about the world. You can get this after moving abroad for studies. Staying in foreign country for a while allows you to experience a completely different way of living. You will be able to try new foods, visit places you have never been before and learn about traditions you have never heard about.

New friends

Entering new university means being surrounded by lots of new people that can become your friends. The bond you make and the new experience you gain together will stick to your mind forever. To have international friends will be extremely useful for your future travelling. Do you need a place to stay during trip to Italy, Japan or Norway? Congratulations! After studies abroad, you may know at least one person who lives there and is keen to help you.


Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Diwali is amazing. However, they are repeating every single year for majority of people around the world. But can you imagine the magic by celebrating entirely new holidays that are very peculiar in certain country? Dancing in a beautiful Venice Carnival or watching fireworks at the Eifel tower during the Bastille Day ... Studies abroad can open the doors for enjoying celebrations again.

New travel points

After moving to another country, you will be able to travel around your new home that may be closer to places that always seemed like a dream. For example, it is much easier to travel around France when you are already in European Union; or to visit Vietnam if you are studying in Hong Kong. Only one right decision and you may have an entire year of adventures.



Even if it is okay being away from your family while you are studying at university, but being in a different country or even continent is totally different feeling because you will not be able to visit home for weekends or spend the holidays with your parents. So, it is worth to consider if long talks through Skype, FaceTime or similar apps is enough for you to deal with homesickness.


If you are moving to the country with higher wage, probably general living costs there will be higher as well. Moreover, do not forget about flights, accommodation, and money for traveling, as well as expenses for student events and other kind of ways to socialize with new-found friends. You need to do your budget well, to avoid of spending all of your savings.

Difficulties with studies

Sometimes being abroad seems like a long holidays, so it is extremely hard to stay motivated enough to focus on everyday classes, assignments and tests. Another disadvantage is the difference between study programmes. You should expect that the modules abroad will not be exactly the same as back home; therefore you could miss some information that will be useful after coming back to your country and starting to work. But do not worry; just be prepared for learning some things independently.


All people are different therefore not every person is able to find new friends easily. To avoid loneliness put some effort on joining groups, attend socialising events, and initiate conversations. If you are not ready to be this outgoing, change your attitude because studying abroad is much easier while sharing your joy and problems with the others.