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Why you should be studying abroad

Why you should be studying abroad

You are well aware of how exciting Top 10 lists are. So our team has compiled one for you too!

We give you 10 reasons why you should be studying abroad. Here we go!

10. Exposure to other cultures. This is the obvious one so let’s just get it out of the way. Seriously, there is a reason why you probably cannot read an article with a similar topic or a similar list that would not have foreign culture somewhere in there. This is not comparable to a vacation, trust me. Visiting another country for a few weeks is nothing compared to actually living there for a few years. And beyond getting to experience a different culture you learn a few new things about your own too. Contrasts highlight cultural nuances we may not have appreciated or even realised were there. 

9. Life experience. You are hundreds of miles away from anyone you know and you have to make it on your own. Nothing teaches independence and living by yourself quite like spending a few years studying in abroad. This is also connected (quite remarkably, as if we have planned this) to the next point. 

8. You will get to grow up. Remember that life experience we talked about just now. Well, trust me, nothing helps you go from a teenager fresh out of school to an adult faster, than doing your own laundry, buying your own food and making your own meals. 

7. The spirit of adventure. And we really strongly encourage and support treating this not only as a serious life changing decision but also as an adventure. You are going to a new country to study there, live there, eat there, hang out at bars there... To run out of a sauna in the middle of winter to a half frozen body of water on a dare from that Finish guy, only to find out it is actually fully frozen. Like we said, this is an adventure and it really sets your mind free for spontaneity, for taking that road you never tried before.

6. Language. Right, we will not spend the next few seconds lying that going to a foreign country will suddenly get you from zero to hero in terms of how well you can speak their language. Actually, we strongly encourage you to weigh your language skills before your studies. University studies will call for a much higher degree of language skill and knowledge in specific terminology connected to the subjects you will study. With that said, if you are not a zero, studying abroad will challenge your skills, will challenge your perception about how good you are and it will also let your skills grow to degrees you may not even have considered.

5. Working with international groups. Now, this is a personal one because we actually have a job (yes, we really do) where we have to constantly work with people from all over the world. And our situation is not a unique one. Point is a lot of jobs now require you to be in contact with people from different cultural backgrounds and studying abroad will develop your skills not just for team work but accepting national peculiarities when it comes to professional interaction. This leads us directly to the next point.

4. Become global. We are not sure how you feel about the globalisation of our planet and are not here to promote that worldview (even though, spoiler alert, we support it). What we will say is that it is very hard to study in another country for 3-4 years and not become accustomed and comfortable working in an international environment. And trust us, if you are thinking about your future career, international experiences are incredibly welcomed by the employers.

3. International experiences are really valued by employers.Well, not all of them. But it is getting quite hard to find a job position that omits any kind of contact with other countries and having studied abroad, having worked in an international environment, let’s just say, provides you with a certain edge when those candidate CVs are being considered.

2. You will appreciate your home more. Now, we have spent quite a bit of time focusing of the foreign aspect but you should not forget that going to study abroad can also demonstrate just how important the people you have back home are. I am not saying this is the reason to do this but I have seen time and again people coming back home with a new found understanding just how much the people they care for mean to them.

1. This is the best time to do this. Now I do not mean this year specifically or the age you might be at. No, what I want to say is if you are reading this, chances are you have given the wild idea of going abroad and studying in a university at an entirely different country more than a thought. If you are reading this right now I think you want to do it and with this last point on the list I want to tell you to do it. Fill out that application and see what happens. Now, you might think it is my job to say precisely that and you would be right. It is my job to write these articles encouraging people to use the services on this website. But I have a personal stake as well. I have seen and I continue to see people going to universities and regretting that they never took the chance. So for whatever the words of a random person writing on the internet means to you, I say go study abroad if that is what you really truly want. This is the best time to do this.