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Choosing courses

What help can I get from DESK?

DESK offers a greater range of information about courses and educational institutions worldwide than any other educational adviser. We offer advice and free enrolment services for a full range of educational opportunities including undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We discuss your educational experience and expectations with you and help you achieve your long-term educational goals. The advantage of trusting your studies abroad to DESK is that we will assist you through the process from the beginning to the end – saving time, effort and enrolment costs. What is more, our service continues after your arrival in the foreign country. The DESK team will help you with settling into the new environment and provide you with information on airport pick-up and accommodation.

How do I find my ideal programme?

It’s important to find the right course if you are thinking of studying abroad. We can help in two ways: If you have already decided where you want to go, just click on "Courses" on the DESK homepage to find the programmes on offer at that university. If you are not quite sure where to go, the DESK team will help you find a suitable programme. Please check “How to select a programme” for more information.

Can I apply to the university directly?

Although you can apply directly to universities, you are on your own. With us, however, you have a professional team to help and support you in the preparation of your application, at little cost. Applying to universities abroad can be very time-consuming as it involves the completion of multiple application forms. It is often complicated and confusing. Furthermore, students are not usually able to track the status of their application online.

How do I complete the online application? How to start?

DESK's online application system allows international applicants to apply DIRECTLY for degree and non-degree programmes to universities in different countries. To complete the online application process, you need to follow the instructions below. Once you have submitted your application, it will take between one and four weeks for the university to process it. Once the university has made a decision, DESK will update your DESK account and notify you by email. You can track your application status by logging into your DESK account.  You can find out how to apply via the DESK online application system in the “How to apply” page.

Applying online

Why choose online application?

There are two traditional ways of applying to foreign universities: applying directly to the university, or employing an education agent to apply on your behalf. However, both of these options have their problems. Many schools have yet to set up a standardised procedure for accepting admissions via email and will therefore ignore such applications. On the other hand, applying through an agent can be costly and, because the agent does everything on your behalf, you are no longer in charge of the application process. Both methods are time-consuming and far from risk free. By contrast, DESK’s online system allows students to manage their own application and offers easily and conveniently.

When to apply?

Applicants should apply for their chosen study programme at least six months before the start date. If you miss the deadline, the application will only be considered by the university if it still has vacancies for the course(s) you have selected.

What is my application schedule?

A full-time academic year normally contains two semesters: the autumn semester and the spring semester (the exception is Canada, which follows a trimester-based system). Applications to start in the autumn semester are accepted between late February and late July of that year, whilst applications to start in the spring semester are accepted between late October and late January. Application timetable Suggested application timetable for the autumn semester intake Mid February: Applicants start applying for degree programmes that start in autumn. March to June: Applicants should submit their application as early as possible as some programmes can have limited places. If you wish to begin your course in September, keep in mind that the application deadline is in June, so make sure you have submitted all of your application documents well in advance of your cut-off date. Late June: Admission letters are sent out. June-August: Admission letters should have been received by applicants. Applicants should apply for a visa at their nearest embassy or consulate with their original admission letter and a valid passport. Late September: Starting date for most universities. Accepted applicants should arrive in school before this date. Important note: we would strongly recommend you submit your application in plenty of time due to the timetable above but better sooner than later.

What is my application status?

You can check your application status in your personal centre on the CUCAS website. Your status will be one of the following: 1. Incomplete: Part of the application process is incomplete. Please continue your application through your DESK account. 2. Completed: The application process is complete and the university is considering your application. 3. Processing: Your application is being considered by the university against its own admissions criteria. It takes 1-4 weeks to receive a decision. 4. Rejected: Your application has been rejected by the university. 5. Accepted: Your application has been accepted. Please check your offer status.

Application schedule

Paying fees

What fees should I pay during application?

Most of the universities we represent do not charge an application fee. For the few that do charge an application fee, DESK has been authorised to collect this on the university’s behalf. DESK charges a minimum fee of 25 Eur for this service.

What are the payment methods?

DESK offers five types of payment method: online payment by Paypal, Visa card, bank transfer or mobile payment, or if you cannot pay online, you can choose to pay via Western Union and send us the payment receipt.

Can I pay the application fee after I am admitted?

No. Universities require students to pay the application fee during application; otherwise, your application won’t be processed.

Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is not refundable. It is charged directly by the university and will not be returned, regardless of whether you are admitted or rejected.

Why is our service charge so low?

Our service charge is used to support our digital online platform and to provide exceptional service to you. Whilst education agents may charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars, our service fee remains stable at 25 Eur. We manage to keep our costs low by digitalising our services, which means we can save on human resources.

Application results

How can I track the progress of my application?

You can login to your personal account (DESK -> My Application -> Completed) to check the progress of your application. The DESK team will update your application status as soon as the university admissions office makes a decision, and we will also send a confirmation email to your registered email address.

What should I do next if my application is accepted?

It is up to you to accept the university’s offer. This you will be able to do in your DESK account. An “Accepted” application status means the university is processing the admission notice and sending out an official letter. This may take up to six weeks to arrive. You then need to: 1. Apply for a visa at your local embassy or consulate. 2. Find accommodation. Once you have accepted the university’s offer, you can book accommodation through DESK for free. All details will be provided when you select that you require this service from us. 3. Book flight tickets 4. Prepare for your studies abroad.

What should I do next if my application is rejected?

If you receive a negative response from your first choice institution, don’t worry, you will automatically be considered by your second choice institution. Not being accepted by your first choice does not mean that you will be rejected by all the others – you may be exactly the applicant they are looking for. Most students who apply through DESK are accepted. However, some universities have quotas for the number of students they can admit from certain countries. If your application is declined by your first choice university, you will have the chance to be accepted by your second or third choice. However, if you applied to just one university, we will recommend other universities which still have places available. Contact us, and we will look into why your application was rejected and help you find the best alternative.

Do I have to take up my place if admitted?

You are under no obligation to take up your place. Once you know the outcome of your application, you can change your mind about studying abroad if you wish.

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